ft. while it offers 8-14 hours of burning time. Exquisite maiolica tiles, live flames, and cast iron parts are sure to add elegance to any room. Constructed with convenience in mind, this innovative heat exchanger was designed after the fins of air cool engines which offer 2.5 square feet for extra surface area and for optimal thermal exchange in a compact area. Local Pickup. Since it comes with damper you can control oxygen up to some point. Much safer than a diesel or propane heater. The duo of firebricks and reinforced steel wall helps the unit last longer. ft. area. Its 800 sq ft coverage might be modest, unlike other wood stoves, but the heating is more efficient; there are fewer emissions to worry about. The Vogelzang Performer might have over 75% efficiency, but this will vary with the aeration of the wood and the nature of the logs being burned. 21-inch logs are the longest pieces you will be able to fit in there but this should be quite enough. While the product’s dimensions are 26.25″ W x 30.7″ H x 25.5″ D, it’s heating compartment measures 10¼” H x 22¼” W x 12½” D which enables it to accommodate larger chunks of firewood up to a 22″ length. wood at once. Find wood stoves & wood furnaces at Lowe's today. As compared to other stoves, it’s a little bit expensive. Our lineup of wood burning stoves feature a sleek, flush design that does not extend out onto the hearth to offer a classic, finished look that will complement any home's decor. ft. Its steel build might not be capable of retaining heat over a more extended period, but it helps guarantee a more durable wood stove. So, burning of wood is considered “carbon neutral.” Additionally, you can always plant more trees in place of those you cut down. The heating compartment of this wood stove measures 17” D x 21” W x 14” H in dimension. For increased heat output, less wood being used and longer burn time, it has a high-efficiency EPA/WA state certified low emissions. The TR001 could match what you need. All this is possible for everyone who owns a wood-burning stove. Winter Knight wood stove … In case of any problems, the manufacturer will sort you out. It has a solid metal firebox that contains several air controls. When using wood as a fuel, you get the same amount of heat at a far cheaper cost. It’s also covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Firebricks line the interior of the heating area for maximum heating of the wood. If you choose to do so, ensure that you clean out your chimney. It’s no secret that burning wood is cheaper than using oil, gas, or electricity. The wood stove accepts 22-inch logs. ), pellet stoves, furnaces, BBQ grills, electric fireplaces, chimney pipe, and even hearth accessories!. You can load 18″ logs of wood into the stove without worries. It is EPA-certified and meets all the standards for wood-burning appliances. 20 watching. Also, measuring 24.5 x 27.0 x 30.0 inches, it features a heavy-duty cast iron, flue collar and large ash pan with cast iron plug. Easy to install and move from one area to another. Kingham 400 sq. The wood stove offers a perfect fire view and can also make a perfect addition the existing hearth you may have in your home. The heating area has a dimension of 12″ D x 18″ W x 10.5″ H might appear modest, but its size doesn’t haunt the stove as it provides unfazed heating unusual for a unit of this kind. This will help in even distribution of heat. With its cast-iron build, this wood stove can deliver quality heating over a long period. U.S. Stove Company King EPA Certified Wood Stove, It has the biggest combustion chamber among all the appliances you could find in XL wood stoves, It is a durable product that is supported by the molded C-Cast baffle, It has a spacious firebox with 3.93 cubic Ft. of space, The efficient wood burner offers a maximum of 10 hours burn time and its optimal heat output is 100000 BTU/h (29.3 kW), It may be less efficient in some geographical regions, The wood stove offers a perfect fire view, It can be added to the existing hearth you may have in your home, It will burn for a maximum of 8 hours in just a single fueling allowing you to heat around 1800 sq. These are efficient but expensive. Since it comes with a blower, it will ensure that it maintains its efficiency at an optimal level. Electric Stove is ideal The StyleWell 17 in. Ft. Defender Wood Burning Stove with Legs and Blower US1100E-BL at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. 22 watching. Activities within the stove can be seen through the ceramic glass window which measures 14.5″ x 8″ in dimension. These stoves don’t depend on electricity or gas. How much do wood stoves cost? The ergonomic handle on the cast iron door makes gaining entry into the heating compartment easy. Its two-piece handle will remain cool even when it’s burning. ft. 2020 EPA Certified Cast Iron Wood-Burning Stove. Also, you can see all the action in the heating compartment through the ceramic glass without getting burned and you don’t go through any installation phase as it is ready to use once out of the box. The TR004 Colonial from Vogelzang is the airtight insert which is meant to increase your fireplace’s efficiency significantly. Catalytic Wood Stoves & Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves. If you simply want the best, then it’s the most ideal stove to use. or Best Offer. What should you consider now that you’re thinking of getting a wood-burning stove? We carry wood stoves, wood boilers, cook stoves, gas stoves, fireplaces (both wood and gas! There is a cast-iron door to ensure the wood burns better without the airflow spiraling out of control. We found 89 results matching your criteria. Always use completely dry wood. Wood is readily is affordable and readily available in most locations. It also comes with adjustable high-speed blower and is safety tested for the UL standard 1482-1998. The stove is supported on two pairs of metallic legs which can be altered to suit the interior of your home. If you live in a city, you can find scrap wood from construction sites and furniture production places. As compared to other stoves that lose all their heat, this one ensures that all the heat remains inside. It’s suitable for large garages, log cabins, and shops. Besides, it’s user-friendly and uses a non-catalytic fuel type. Measuring 4 x 4 x 5 inches and weighing 4 ounces, Summers Heat 50-SVL17 Wood Burning Stove is a unique stove. While cleaning the firebox can be complicated, this wood stove is equipped with an air wash system which removes the work of clearing out wood debris. Although it does not have an emission rating, it has one of the best combustion efficiencies in the market. This wood stove consists of two air inlets which bring oxygen in close contact to the wood in the firebox. The heat efficiency of the stove measures how well it can burn a given amount of wood. View All "In the winter, warmth stands for all virtue." The heating area is lined with bricks. It has convenient ash drawer for removing the ash. Constructed using heavy-duty cast iron, this amazing stove is meant to last for a very long time without any problem. This unit uses pellets as fuel, which is easier to burn compared to wood.