its lifetime. [2] They served as patrol vessels used in law enforcement and search and rescue along the coasts of the United States and the Caribbean. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. [2] Beginning in January 1964, the Coast Guard started naming all vessels 65 feet in length and over; the 82-foot patrol boats were all given geographical "Point" names. USCGC Cuttyhunk (WPB 1322) Active Duty Personnel: 17 Mailing Address: For more information on the Coast ... assisted two other vessels, the Point Bennett and Point Doran, in one of the largest maritime drug seizures in the Pacific Northwest near Cape Flattery, Wash., in December 1997. The Coast Guard Historian's Office is located here. Since a ship may have many covers, they may be split among many pages so it doesn't $229.99 . See Editing Ship Pages for detailed information on Covers should Another important feature lacking on the Point-class cutter that was desired on a replacement was a stern launch ramp for the rapid deployment of the cutter's small boat for use in search-and-rescue missions and in law-enforcement work. Crews immediately began training and preparation for overseas deployment. Patch: Unit Details: Strength Patrol Boat Type Advisory Unit Existing/Disbanded Decommissioned Description. Michael Phillip Leavitt (born Fruitland, Idaho, September 11, 1960) was the eleventh Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG). machine gun", CG-275-1: Organization Manual For Coast Guard Patrol Boats WPB's 82' and 83', August, 1959, List of United States Coast Guard cutters,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, domestic service, 8 men; (Vietnam service, 2 officers, 8 men), Galveston, Texas 61-65; Division 12, RVN 65-70, Grand Isle, Louisiana 61-65; Division 11, RVN 65-70, Morgan City, Louisiana 61-65; Division 13, RVN 65-69, Beals and West Jonesport, Maine 61-65; Division 13, RVN 66-70, Nantucket, Massachusetts 61-65; Division 13, RVN 65-70, Fort Hancock, New Jersey 61-65; Division 11, RVN 65-70, New London, Connecticut 61-65; Division 13, RVN 66-70, Pt. Martinac Shipbuilding Corp. For the British Armed Forces roll-on/roll-off sealift vessels, see, Commissioning, homeport, and disposition information, Larzelere cites 15 August 1970 as decommissioning date of, William R. Wells II, The United States Coast Guard's Piggyback 81mm Mortar/.50 cal. This is a beautiful ship display commemorating the USCGC Point Doran WPB-82375. Matted and Framed Profile Print 8x18 inches with museum grade fog-gray mat board with a black metal sectional frame . $229.99 . machine gun, Vietnam Magazine, August 1997, "87-foot Coastal Patrol Boat (WPB) - Marine Protector Class", "The United States Coast Guard's Piggyback 81mm Mortar/.50 cal. Skip to main Hello, Sign in. Air Force Units Army Units Coast Guard Units Marine Corps Units Navy Units Become a … Ease of operation with a small crew size was possible because of the non-manned main drive engine spaces. USCGC Point Doran WPB-82375 Framed Coast Guard Ship Display Green: Home & Kitchen. All USCG Point-class cutters in Vietnam were later turned over to the South Vietnamese Navy as part of the Vietnamization of the war effort.[10]. Hurricane Katrina. MILITARY UNITS - USCGC POINT DORAN VetFriends Veteran ID Card Quick Links. USCGC Point Doran (WPB-82375/NLLX) Patrol Boat. The Coast Guard Yard discontinued the building of the 95-foot Cape-class cutter in order to have the capacity to produce the 82-foot Point-class patrol boat in 1960. [2][3], The design of the 82-foot patrol boat actually began in the early 1950s with the introduction of the 95-foot patrol boat, which was introduced to replace the aging wooden gasoline powered 83-foot patrol boats that were produced during World War II. Want A Fixer? existing example. Served in this Patrol Boat? Some were captured and incorporated into the Vietnam People's Navy. There should be a Eventually all boats were upgraded to the same 800-horsepower main engines used in the later production. for each entry in the "Ship Name and Designation History" section)., USCGC Point Doran WPB-82375 Covers Page 1     (DATE RANGE). The design utilized a mild steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. When North Vietnam overtook the South the then-South Vietnamese Navy cutters had varied fates. USCGC Point Doran (WPB-82375/NLLX) Patrol Boat. Point-class cutters were phased out in the late 1990s by the introduction of the Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boat with the last Point-class cutter being decommissioned in 2003. Find your Shipmates on JOIN FOR FREE TODAY! [5][6] Production started in early 1960 at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland and continued through late December 1963, producing 44 boats. Stored at CG Yard at least through Jun 1997. image of a cover showing that postmark. TX 85-00, Transfer to Dominican Republic 12 December 2000, Transfer to Trinidad and Tobago 12 February 1999, Galveston, Texas 67-68; Freeport, Texas 69-01, Long Beach, California 67-92; Kauai, HI 92-99, Fort Hancock, New Jersey 67-76; Highlands, New Jersey 76-99, Long Beach, California 67-95; Newport Beach, California 95-01, Rockaway, New York 67-70, Oswego, New York 70-80; Key West, Florida 80; Fort Myers Beach, Florida 82-98, San Francisco, California 67-80; Eureka, California 81-86; Morro Bay, California 87-94, Morgan City, Louisiana 94-00, Cape Canaveral, Florida; 67-88; West Palm Beach, Florida 88-91, Little Creek, Virginia 67-81; Oregon Inlet, North Carolina 81-88; Atlantic Beach, North Carolina 88-91, San Juan, PR 67-87; Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 87-00, San Francisco, California 67-86; Morro Bay, California 87-98, Miami Beach, Florida 70-75; Fort Pierce, Florida 75-00, San Diego, California 70-89; San Francisco, California 89-, San Pedro, California 70-92; Santa Barbara, California 92-99, San Pedro, California 70-84; Oxnard, California 85-00, Bodega Bay, California 70-77; Guam 78-80; Honolulu, HI 80-81; Nawiliwili, HI 90-92, Norfolk, Virginia 70-73; Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina 74-83; Atlantic Beach, North Carolina 83-99, Transfer to Dominican Republic 1 October 1999, Originally (2) 600 hp (450 kW) Cummins diesel, thru hull number 82330 ex. Pleasant, New Jersey 66-84; Cape May, New Jersey 85-99, Transfer to Dominican Republic 22 September 1999, Pascagoula, Mississippi 62-64; Morgan City, Louisiana 65-94, Sunk as artificial reef at Ocean City, Maryland 4 April 1997, Port Isabel, Texas 63-65; Port Aransas, Texas 66-91, Sabine Pass, Texas 92-02, San Pedro, California 66-72; Santa Barbara, California 73-92, Stored at CG Yard at least through Jun 1997, Nantucket, Massachusetts 66-71; Woods Hole, Massachusetts 72-88; South Portland, Maine 88-00, Transfer to Trinidad & Tobago 14 November 2000, San Francisco, California 66-80; Monterey, California 81-91, New Orleans, Louisiana 67-85; Galveston. The list is in chronological order. USCGC Polar Star, Deep Freeze 2016 . The 95-foot patrol boat was originally developed as a search and rescue boat to replace the less capable 83-foot boat. [2][4], With the goal of reducing manning requirements in mind, the Point-class patrol boat was designed to accommodate an eight-man crew, which was a reduction from the 15-man crews of the Cape-class cutter. MIDGETT, Seattle, Washington, USCGC POINT DORAN in Everett, Washington; Engineer Petty Officer positions at Station Galveston Texas, USCGC POINT SPENCER and the USCGC MANOWAR; instructor at the Chief Petty Officer's Academy in New London, Connecticut; the Coast Guard Academy as one of the first four Company Chiefs; Sector Guam in the Northern Mariana Islands as the Sector Command … A few South Vietnamese boats were scuttled, and some by fleeing South Vietnamese military and civilians to successfully escape to the Philippines. [7], A total of 79 Point-class cutters were used for law enforcement and search-and-rescue patrol boats beginning in 1960. [7] Already part of the design, crews stationed in Vietnam found the air-conditioned interior especially helpful. There should be a separate set of pages for each incarnation of the ship (ie, USCGC POINT DORAN WPB-82375 Commissioned 1 June 1970 - Decommissioned 2 March 2001 Transferred to the Philippines 2001 Naval Covers. separate set of postmarks for each incarnation of the ship (ie, for each entry More than just an artist conception of the ship, this display includes a custom designed Coast Guard crest plaque and … USCGC Polar Star . [6] Because of design, four men could operate the cutter; however, the need for resting watchstanders brought the crew size to eight men for normal domestic service. Click to … The United States Coast Guard Point Class Cutters are a class of 82 foot patrol vessels that were replaced by the 87 foot Marine Protector cutters for front line service. He has served in various afloat and ashore assignments at all levels, including Officer in Charge of Station Maui in Hawaii, USCGC Point Doran in … This section lists the names and designations that the ship had during [6] Berthing spaces were provided for 13 so that requirements were met for passengers and extra wartime manning needs. If more than one postmark Hurricane Katrina punt rescue, August 2005. USCGC Point Baker (WPB-82342) was an 82-foot (25 m) Point class cutter constructed at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland in 1963 for use as a law enforcement and search and rescue patrol boat. USCGC Point Carrew USCGC Point Doran USCGC Point Harris USCGC Point Hobart USCGC Point Jackson USCGC Point Martin: 95 Foot Patrol Boats: USCGC Cape Class 95' USCGC Cape Small USCGC Cape Coral USCGC Cape Higgon USCGC Cape Upright USCGC Cape Gull USCGC Cape Hatteras USCGC Cape George USCGC Cape Current USCGC Cape Strait USCGC Cape Strait USCGC Cape Carter … Atkins Hall, on the campus of St. Elizabeth's Hospital, circa 1896. There should be a separate set of pages for each incarnation of the ship (ie, for each entry in the "Ship Name and Designation History" section). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for USCGC Point Doran WPB-82375 Last Day in Commission March 6, 2001 - Hand Drawn an at the best online prices at eBay! The Point-class cutter was a class of 82-foot patrol vessels designed to replace the United States Coast Guard's aging 83-foot wooden hull patrol boat being used at the time. Find your Shipmates on JOIN FOR FREE TODAY! [8] The last Point-class cutter was replaced in 2003.[9]. Join TWS for Free Today! You can help by adding to it. This page was last edited on 13 May 2020, at 17:08. Rolled Profile Print: 11x17 inches rolled in a tube: $45 FREE SHIPPING!. Pleasant, New Jersey 61-65; Division 12, RVN 65-70, Norfolk, Virginia 61-65; Division 11, RVN 65-69, Venice, Louisiana 61-68; Dauphin Island, Louisiana 69-79; Pensacola, Florida 80-91, St. Petersburg, Florida 61-68; Clearwater Beach, Florida 69-91. 4, USCS. From May 1996 until May 1997, he served as the Aide to the Pacific Area Commander, located at Coast Guard Island in Alameda, California. USCGC Point Swift (WPB-82312) was an 82-foot (25 m) Point class cutter constructed at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland in 1961 for use as a law enforcement and search and rescue patrol boat. THE MUSEUM and are expected to change as more covers are added. should be listed in order of their classification type. USCGC Point Glass (WPB-82336) was an 82-foot (25 m) Point class cutter constructed at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland in 1962 for use as a law enforcement and search and rescue patrol boat. hulls 82314, 82318, (2) 800 hp (600 kW) Cummins diesel, hulls 82331 and up and hull 82318, (2) 1,000 hp (750 kW) gas turbine, hull 82314, 577 miles at maximum sustained speed of 14.5 knots, 1271 miles at 10.7 knots economic speed (1960), This page was last edited on 23 July 2020, at 08:12. The first 30 boats were powered by two 600 horsepower (450 kW) Cummins diesel engines; except for 82314 (later Point Thatcher), which was powered by two 1,000 horsepower (750 kW) gas turbine engines with controllable pitch propellers[5] and 82318 (later Point Herron) which had two 800 horsepower (600 kW) Cummins diesels installed. USCGC Point Roberts (WPB-82332) was an 82-foot (25 m) Point class cutter constructed at the Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland in 1962 for use as a law enforcement and search and rescue patrol boat. He assumed the position from MCPOCG Charles W. Bowen on May 21, 2010 and was relieved on May 22, 2014 by Steven W. Cantrell. This section lists active links to the pages displaying covers associated with the >>> If you have a better example for any of the postmarks, please feel free to replace the Here is a site to explore. [6], The design specifications for the 82-foot cutter included a steel hull for durability and an aluminum superstructure to save weight. They were replaced by the 87-foot Marine Protector-class coastal patrol boats beginning in the late 1990s. USCGC Point Judith (WPB-82345) was an 82-foot (25 m) Point class cutter constructed at the J.M. Rolled Profile Data Print 13x19 inches : $60 FREE SHIPPING!.