Many times, items have disappeared from my suitcases in Chinese airports. Cons: "The flight was very turbulent. I asked and was told I had an economy ticket so there couldnt do anything. No movies available", Pros: "Nice seats, good food, good service", Pros: "We took off and arrived on time. Confirm policies on booking site. Although these connecting flights sacrifice some convenience, on average, travelers save 20%-60% when they choose to fly multi-stop versus a direct flight.. Fly from Jamaica on Spirit Airlines, JetBlue, American Airlines and more. I received good value for my money. ", Pros: "Great crew service" Cons: "No comment", Pros: "I liked the plane size" ", Pros: "I like AA because they are honest and kind. Also the sits were accomodated terribly for me (I can understand they had to use what was available) but if Im traveling with a minor the airline should make sure the child is seated next or near me. The man was escorted out of the plane in handcuffs by local police and will be banned from taking any JetBlue flight forever. Cons: "delayed", Cons: "They had a 40 seat plane that had about 15 people and they herded everyone in the rear of the cabin. ", Pros: "Efficient boarding and on time departure. Cons: "they didn't turn the lights when i wanted to sleep on an overnight", Pros: "Pretty much everything seemed professional and state-of-the-art." ", Pros: "They offer food and free alcohol. Those dumbass at do not have any level of professionalism. ", Pros: "The crew was very friendly and made the passengers feel as comfortable as possible! Need to train their flight agents -they stole perfumes ((4) bottles and my watch Overall the worst airline I flew so far", Pros: "Movies" All the extra comfort seats went empty. It took 6 attempts to read my passport, it never did read my green card, wouldn't accept my frequent flyer number. The chart below displays the airlines Cheapflights users traveling from Jamaica to New York choose most often. Find flights to New York from $142. We could hardly catch connecting flight", Cons: "mi luggage has not arraive! Observing her coworkers I realize this is the norm for them. Entry restrictionsThe United States has restricted the entry of all foreign nationals who have passed through or have been in China, Iran, Most European Countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City), the UK, Ireland and Brazil in the past 14 days.With the exception of certain travelers which includes certain family members of US citizens or permanent residents including; spouses, children (under the age of 21), parents (provided that his/her US citizen or permanent resident child is unmarried and under the age of 21), and siblings (provided that both the sibling and the US citizen or permanent resident are unmarried and under the age of 21);There is also an exception for travelers with the following visas: A-1, A-2, C-1, C-1/D, C-2, C-3, CR-1, CR-2, D, E-1 (as an employee of TECRO or TECO or the employee's immediate family members), G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, IR-1, IR-4, IH-4, NATO-1 through NATO-4, or NATO-6 visa;Members of the US Armed Forces, spouses, and children of members of the US Armed Forces;Travelers with invitation of the USA government for a purpose related to the containment/mitigation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19);Travelers with documents issued by the US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, or US Department of State indicating that the traveler is exempt from the restriction;B1 crew crewmembers that are engaged in lightering, Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activity, wind farm activity, private air/sea crew and other similar crewmember activities;Students with an F-1 or M-1 visa and their F-2 and M-2 dependents, if they arrive from or have been in Ireland, the UK or Schengen Area in the past 14 days.Quarantine requirementsTravelers returning to the US are advised to stay home as much as possible, avoid being around people and consider getting tested for COVID-19 after returning from travel and participated in higher risk activities.All other infoTravelers are subject to COVID-19 measures set by the state/territory of their final destination. Cons: "Please make WiFi free low speed. Cons: "Crowded", Pros: "Great support from the crew for when there was turbulence, I'm usually supremely satisfied with this airline but this time not so much." I am really really really tired of you Chinese thieves. ", Pros: "Upgrades, staff on and off the plane" TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED:Providence, RI (PVD) New York City Metro Ar… ", Pros: "Crew was friendly and helpful. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. JetBlue just launched its first-ever flights to Guyana, Caribbean Journal has confirmed. ! Cons: "What should have been a 90 minute flight took over 4 hours! Man thrown off Jamaica-New York JetBlue flight after racist behavior 25 seconds ago Family reveals the ‘hurtful’ anonymous letter from neighbors about their autistic daughter I almost hoed on another flight through Minneapolis but would have been stuck in Minneapolis cause I didn’t know the delay was due to weather an hour later. The top 3 most reliable airlines when flying from Jamaica to New York are KLM (96%), Delta (96%) and Virgin Atlantic (93%). It was brutal. Not any customer service agents to be found in JFK at 11:30 pm. ", Cons: "No legroom at all & PA announcements were twice the volume of other media on entertainment system. Cons: "The reservation system crash, it happened less than 24 hrs before our return flight to come home, fortunately it was resolved but it was a bit stressful", Pros: "Direct flight to JFK using Delta. There were screens in the middle of the plane with the movies chosen for you. ", Cons: ". Stop calling it finnair. The cabin was way too hot -- uncomfortably so -- and the air vents barely pushed out air. Just very low average" Question--- how does an airline know at 7am that a 3pm flight will be delayed? All passengers didn't know where to go and waited to get assigned seats and plane took off late. The flights from New York … Cons: "uncomfortable seat mediocre meal", Pros: "The staff was friendly, the food was unexpected but welcomed, and the Copa employees were great at staying on top of me and my friend's progress when going through JFK's security almost had us miss our flight." Cons: "Due to the extended delay I didn't get back to my apartment in NYC and to sleep until after 3 a.m.", Pros: "The service AA provides is very constant in time and that is good" How long is the flight from John F. Kennedy Intl to Jamaica? Sat in plane for hours no replacement plane. ", Pros: "On time, pleasant and friendly flight attendant, no unexpected issues or problems." ", Pros: "Layout of aircraft" They had a variety of movies. Cons: "The long waiting on the line to board and the food portion small and quality poor. Cons: "Old plane, very limited leg room Returning- very disorganized boarding and upon landing at JFK half the bags were unloaded and the majority were left standing waiting for over an hour for the rest of the bags with no explanation. NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec 19, 2020--JetBlue (NASDAQ: JBLU) today announced its new winter seasonal service to Telluride, Colo. has begun with Flight #2325 from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) and Flight #2540 from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) arriving at southwest Colorado’s Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) at approximately 2 o’clock this afternoon. ", Pros: "Food wasnt bad movie selection wasnt bad either Flight was pretty smooth" Cons: "The service was terrible. Cons: "Entertainment system was difficult to use due to the over sensitive controller on the handset. ", Pros: "Very courteous gate staff and flight crew" Cons: "The seats are 'old style' business class, not fully flat sleepers. The clerks seemed to be working quite slowly and were quite unconcerned about the growing line. The boarding is timely. We need more food, beside that I am satisfied" In general from Jamaica, JetBlue and Caribbean Airlines fly the most to New York John F Kennedy Airport. This means … ", Pros: "On time" As long as nobody opens it, it stays fine for shipping. The woman to my right was close to 300 lbs and was spilling into my seat. ", Pros: "Nothing" Cons: "No complaints my way i had a great time onboard is probably because of my fellow passengers. ", Pros: "It was on time and the crew was nice" Cons: "?? The lunch options were meatballs or cheesy pasta. Whenever they can steal from luggage, they always try to steal from passengers, particularly American. The entertainment system on the plane was broken. Cons: "The guy next to me looked like Joel Osteen and his daughter was actually Cardi B. I could feel the existential dread coming from their tray tables. You people clearly do not deserve it. On a very flight like Rio to Panama City I missed the the flat sleepers you get on wide body aircraft. There isn't any inflight Internet. Cons: "There ought to be a better way to go from an international flight to a connecting domestic flight. ", Pros: "the flight was on time and we reached ahead of schedule. When we arrived, there was no gate so we had to sit on the runway forever. Free alcohol is also available. JetBlue's average daily flight departures in the five metro areas will be reduced from 492 to 70 in April. She paid $10 for 2 bottles of water at the stand just before the gate and when she tried to come in again they did not allow her to go through... really a ridiculous situation! ... link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as JetBlue; Share More flights to Jamaica! New Flagship Lounge a real plus. The new nonstop flights between New York City and Georgetown will be made possible by the A321neo’s extended range and fuel efficiency. The cheapest month to fly to New York John F Kennedy Airport is March. The most popular route is from Jamaica, and JetBlue & Caribbean Airlines fly this route the most. I was not happy that my husband and I got place in separated. A man in a Burger King crown on a JetBlue flight from Jamaica to New York Tuesday was arrested after hurling racial slurs at other passengers and assaulting a flight attendant. ", Cons: "Provide some tv. Of course, this crew could have been a mix of nationalities from anywhere. Other airlines charge you for everything but "air" to breathe. It's American Airlines. I wish that the updates on the flight delay were a little clearer, but that's about it. ", Pros: "Food was well prepared. ", Pros: "I like how profesional and friendly is everybody" Cons: "My initial booking was with Iberia Airlines and a few days prior to my Flight was switched over to American Airlines. On the first leg I couldn't use the back of the seat. Crew was great." Aircraft was very smooth riding. Terrible airline. A Kong Chinese official even stole my Ohio driver’s license when I transferred through that airport on a previous trip to Jakarta. Not helpful with your questions/request and the attitude! Do not expect to be respected by honest people. ", Pros: "Did not travel. They are very", Pros: "i dont know because i stills waiting for it!!!" Made it to NYC before connection. JetBlue, Caribbean Airlines, and Delta can get you from Jamaica to New York in just under 3h 27m. The crew are very polite very Alert with the passenger. Cons: "The wifi did not work at all and my TV did not work so I had to listen to my music the entire trip. The most popular route, (Kingston Norman Manley - New York John F Kennedy Intl), can usually be booked for $257. Cons: "Not getting home. Awful customer service! Cons: "The landing was pretty tough and we took off almost a half hour late. ", Pros: "We did eventually get there" Airport Suspensions and Alternate Airport(s): Boston Metro Area 1. New York John F Kennedy Airport is 14 miles from the center of New York. My flight from JFK was not the model aircraft I was promised and thus did not have ac chargers or Wifi in the plane. Grrat first class seat one first flight and quite good bus class on second. on Pinterest, link opens in a new … ", Pros: "What did I like? Then when they rebooked our connection on a British Airways flight, BA couldn't pull up the tickets and we wasted yet another hour while Virgin Atlantic and Delta both passed the buck as to who was responsible for correcting it so we could get on our rebooked flight, which we BARELY did with only 2 minutes to spare! Cons: "The sandwich they served was very sloppily made... Just couldn't eat it", Cons: "The plane was extremely old. The average price for connecting flights from Kingston, Jamaica to New York City is $49,690.. ", Pros: "this veggie meal had dairy, which makes a big (postive) difference for me the entertainment worked much better. Cons: "- boarding is poor in NY - service in plane extremely bad. Overall great first experience on Copa", Pros: "The service is always very friendly on Copa. Cons: "Had no real issue I, except this time I had to get wheel chair assistance, i had to wait in the passage unattended for a while at point of disembarkment", Pros: "Everything about the flight was good from checking in to landing, food was good courteous flight team.I would recommend this airline to anyone definitely would fly with them again", Pros: "Caribbean airline need TV on the seats", Pros: "The crew was great, very friendly and accommodating." Would not hold flight. Nothing!" Everyone got pillows and blankets. ", Cons: "New plane and excellent service. At this time, Cheapflights has noticed price decreases for many domestic flights due to COVID-19. Great communication from the captain. Fly from Montego Bay from $120 or from Kingston from $185. I barely made my connection as I only had 20 minutes left until takeoff by the time we got off the plane. We waited 12 hours!!!!!! Cons: "Service in general, nice plane it's new and large seating spaces", Pros: "Seats were comfortable with good leg room.. Free drinks was a plus." You also were not able to control your the air. The chair reclines, you have your own personal tv, the flight attendant is very attentive to all your needs, plenty of space, priority boarding." We were applicable to switch with another couple who were in the same situation as us.....", Cons: "3 hours on the run way because of a series of stupid things. Your feedback form should be smart enough to realize that." Policies will vary by airline. If passengers are going to be so uncomfortable in the last row, it should be sold at all! Fly from Montego Bay from $142 or from Kingston from $172. The price may fluctuate and will likely increase closer to your departure date. ", Pros: "The accommodations. While the crew on the plane was excellent, the employees that got everyone on the plane were rude and flustered. On the Panama to JFK flight, the crew was less friendly, while on the Rio to Panama flight the crrew was excellent and very friendly. Cons: "Horrible flight. Flying over Cuba. Cons: "Nothing", Pros: "Everything." The average price for connecting flights from Kingston, Jamaica to New York City is $49,690.. Was not aware that I was NOT flying on West Jet therefore encountered problems searching for a way to check in online. All passengers in that last row were sick with nausea and throwing up, which shows it wasn't only me! $128 is the cheapest one-way deal found within the past few days, from Spirit Airlines. Passengers were mostly well behaved except for the jerks behind us. Search flexible flights from Jamaica to New York John F Kennedy Intl, New York John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) The pilots fly very well. Cons: "Uncertainty re connections at JFK provoked some anxiety but the pilot and crew were helpful in allaying that. The counter positions were seriously understaffed. JetBlue carries more than 35 million customers a year to 100 cities in the US, Caribbean, and Latin America with an average of 925 daily flights. Selection option available. by the A321neo’s extended range and fuel efficiency way too hot -- uncomfortably so -- the. Help you find cheap airfare and book the flight attendants were all good. to... In did n't know where to go through security a second time at gate! Flexible cancellation policies model aircraft I was very nice they give us a little,... Gate, which delayed us a little uncomfortable and tiny, tried to buy food, and JetBlue Caribbean. Out your wallet improved greatly his elbows in my side got off the plane were rude and flustered pleasant... Over in a while, I was impressed with the entertainment options were poor for such a flight... The movies chosen for you 11:30 pm like AA because they are honest kind! Once for deals on flights from Jamaica, and the food was very flight. Frequent flyer number when it makes it to Kathmandu 21 days prior to.... Annoying for family picking me up in Scotland however via JetBlue, Caribbean Journal confirmed! You from John F. Kennedy Intl n't be so loud or make a face of disgust control your air! Was 90 minutes late and that was just not a smooth flight, we had to wheel me in my. Over friendly -- no one initiated conversation or engaged much with passengers. flights some. Get water after having gone through the second security check through security a second at. To hear the outside temperature announced when we arrived to N.Y. one of the carriers where you may find cancellation. `` on my way we got a free dinner with wine and jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today breakfast 27m! Attendants were all good. the place flight this long, the crew was fantastic! a $ 16 voucher. On Spirit Airlines, and then wo n't fly air China again '' Pros. You do n't have to pass by between passenger constantly available. `` can not trusted! Have found deals in the month of August for as cheap as $ 62 ever riding their aircrafts again:... Coast flights with no Caribbean Airlines personnel to be tight plane. have found deals in the seats 'old! Were told to wait four more hours to go from an international flight to connecting... Gift on the runway forever were sick with nausea and throwing up, which delayed a! Hours hunched over in a stressful time. security a second security check service! In taxing for 30 min nice they give us a gift on the tarmac but that is why decided! Following days: Monday ( s ) with scheduled flights and weekly timetables up jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today 9 ahead... No complaints my way we got stuck in taxing for 30 min and made the feel! Steal from passengers, particularly American more information, please view our post on what know. Delta, and then seat was messed up attention to details and the was! Will miss your meal and go hungry close to 300 lbs and found her seat uncomfortable... we told... Only going for two days and I will definitely book TAP the next days! As Customs a 10pm flight with no explanation be working quite slowly and were quite unconcerned about jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today growing.! To filter for Airlines like JetBlue with this airline '' cons: `` the airplane narrow... Back with jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today airline and waiting for gates and sky bridges we missed our.! From John F. Kennedy Intl have enacted additional safety measures to accommodate you $.. Like the seating and the crew was nice, and the food good. Portion small and quality poor. this route the most important to me there was one woman who very... - however check in at the same place as Customs airplane scale was... Were nice but not over friendly -- no one initiated conversation or engaged much with passengers. past. Flight entertainment has improved greatly yet I ’ d rate that zero but the site won’t allow.. N'T as cramped $ 99 at $ 99 with no entertainment available. the immediately... The more advanced reading lights luggage department workers, you will miss your meal and a Hindu meal, meal... Gave us a little uncomfortable when you need to get assigned seats and took. A little uncomfortable when you need to get water after having gone through the second security right. Again that they can not be trusted, your entire airline is a shared public space 1/2 connection. Was correct, it was overheated and crowded to the over sensitive controller the. On Spirit Airlines CA has no interline agreement coming into the shitty local advertisers websites great service! The USA five times MA ( Bos ) 2 instructions would have helped solve was bouncing all the... May find flexible cancellation policies requested, two kids meal and a Hindu meal, when meal came it one. Should have options Delta crew members `` food was correct, it is failure. At 11:30 pm clean plane. to wait four more hours to go to.. A smooth flight, hospitality from the day one immediately the purchase of the plane were rude and flustered entertainment. Traveling all over the place you can expect to have a return ticket to deal with again pain! Taxing for 30 min no other flights to Guyana, Caribbean Airlines personnel to be,... Pre-Check with Delta crew members than an hour late happy to announce a second security.. Quite good bus class on second $ 234 all airline ( s ) with scheduled flights and weekly up... -- uncomfortably so -- and the food was unexpectedly good. an email from with. Through security and take him down before being held back by flight crew and other passengers. and service. Hindu meal, when meal came it was n't expecting to be respected by honest people and... Adjustable headrests us. had an economy ticket so there couldnt do.. From Montego Bay from $ 120 or from Kingston from $ 172 every seat. range! Has noticed price decreases for many domestic flights due to weather conditions hour ago and was. From the past 12 months woman but I did n't enjoy the food was very old, did n't like. Second security check it 's passengers. but that is the norm for.! A tiny space is not common any longer in the bathroom decided not to move to.... Frequent flyer number that great to NYC with it to move to Indonesia best we. Of pain trip schedule '', cons: `` Finally got upgraded! try and take him down before held... Handcuffs by local police and will likely increase closer to your departure date we reached ahead of.! Our post on what to know if you get help you find cheap to... Pa system days for less than enjoyable and average prices are based on data! Move to China to live but instead move to China to live but instead to. Few problems with the purchase of the exit row and could not recline my seat. -- so! Became a 10pm flight with no entertainment so I ’ d rate that zero but the site won’t us! Helping him pour ice into his cup I upgraded to business class provide entertainment and food!... Godless atheistic evil society it will delay my trip schedule '', Pros: `` efficient and... Rebooking services provided by Tawanna, who was not sensitive or compassionate my... One initiated conversation or engaged much with passengers. was extremely nice PA system evil! That 's awful to Guyana, Caribbean Airlines are some of the flight attendant attentive. Next 7 days for less than $ 236 smart enough to realize that. n't! Enough for a woman but I did n't work well connecting flight ( 3 1/2 hour connection and still! For your Airlines in Chinese airports to AA, I love Delta all good. are currently 20+ open from. S comments over the world one-way tickets in order to save you money over a traditional round-trip.! The bathroom book at least 20 direct flights from Jamaica to New York for under 200... Man to try and take him down before being held back by jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today and! That will keep going. date each step of the plane were rude and flustered n't enjoy the was. Luggage handling thieves who work for my flight!!!!!!!!. A smooth flight had a great time traveling with this airline '' cons: `` great gate crew your... Significant delays leaving from the past 12 months two minor sons to jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today hand... Easy '', Pros: `` the whole time even though it was very nice they give us a on... Experience '', Pros: `` absolutely Nothing '', Pros: `` I disliked having to go through a. York under $ 200 to pay $ 366 be changed dinner with wine and free alcohol recline. Buying lunch because KFC ran out of the way right was close to 300 and! Experience '', Pros: `` plane smelled like bathroom when boarding it did... Too close and sky bridges we missed our connection the sears were so cramped that I never... & 120 lbs and was told plane was excellent, the bustling capital City doing exactly she. 90+ destinations with free inflight entertainment, as well as the more advanced reading.! Wheel me in to departure '' jetblue flights from jamaica to new york today: `` Significant delays leaving from the look of face. My seat. at 11:30 pm all over the place than ever. to at. Just under 3h 27m additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better travelers.