Pediatric nurses provide health care services for children from birth through late teens. A sense of compassion helps nurses relate to their patients while strong emotional stability helps nurses cope with intense realities encountered on the job. Provided safe, specialized care for newborns, pediatrics, adolescents, adults, and the elderly utilizing excellent nursing skills. Pediatric nurses are usually registered nurses that provide health care to children and adolescents. Developed and implemented holistic nursing care plans for children in the Hematology/Oncology Unit. Administered oral medications and performed injections/immunizations. Coordinated with local health care facilities, insurance companies and individual patient families to provide nursing case management. Trached and ventilated, g-tube cares, travel to school and out of town. Developed and implemented nursing care plans and maintained medical records. Ensured to take patient s histories, vital signs, and document in patient chart. Provided comprehensive medical and emotional care to critically ill patients with varying acute and chronic diagnoses. Pediatric oncology nurses need an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing from a community college or four-year university. Documented vital signs, reconciled medications and prepared patients for provider exam. Provided ADL care, took vital signs, and recorded input and output. Supplied therapeutic and administrative services as a charge nurse to ensure quality of care and to support the hospital's mission. Pediatric Nurse @ Cleveland Clinic. Noté /5. Educated patients and families regarding disease processes, medication administration and side effects. Used independent judgement regarding treatment of medically complex and fragile children. Provided phone triage and patient education utilizing a variety of instruction methods. Interviewed and published article for pediatrics home health care (Healing Gifts, Advocate Health Care, Fall2007). Provided respiratory treatments, G-tube feedings, tracheostomy care and developmentally appropriate stimulation. Identified expected outcomes and individualized expected outcomes with patient /family and health care team. Performed acute care nursing visits to homebound pediatric patients. Functioned as a Physical Therapist to ambulatory patients; performed therapeutic massage and prescribed strengthening exercises. Attended in-service training for PALS, CPR, IV management, PICC/Central Line management and indicated. Worked in the PICU and NICU taking care of neonates and children on various life support and medications. Emphasized working with Hematology & Oncology patients and the administration of chemotherapy agents. Trained Resident Assistants in CPR / First Aid. Floated to all acute Medical/Surgical pediatric units as needed. Provided activities of assisted daily living to mentally challenge and physically disabled clients. medical care.). Developed and presented CEU courses with other nurses for clinical and medical staff. Unformatted text preview: ACTIVE LEARNING TEMPLATE: Nursing Skill STUDENT NAME_____ IV infusion SKILL NAME__Pediatric _____ REVIEW MODULE CHAPTER_____ Gastroenteritis Description of Skill The provider prescribes the type of IV fluid, the volume of infuse, and either the rate at which to infuse the IV fluid or the total amount of time it should take to infuse the fluid. It is a multiple choice exam, covering topics such as health promotion, patient care, risk reduction, psychosocial integrity, and pharmacological principles. Provided nursing care in an acute care setting for a predominately pediatric post-op population. Provided competent and comprehensive care to tracheotomy and ventilatordependent pediatric clients in the homecare setting. Pediatric Nurses care for sick and ailing babies, toddlers, and children in healthcare facilities and in their homes. Conducted appropriate patient assessments and continually communicated findings to the medical team to assure appropriate care was being implemented. Dan's diverse professional background spans from costume design and screenwriting to mixology, manual labor and video game industry publicity. Performed in office Internal defibrillator and pacemaker checks for a variety of patients with cardiac conduction abnormalities. Worked independently to prevent health-related relapses and hospitalizations and to maximize child's ability to live at baseline level or better. provided nursing assessments, administered medications and vaccines, provided telephone advice, and provided health education. Uploaded medical records during HEDIS season via HIM department Liaison between medical provider and patient therapist. Initiated and evaluated patient and family education. You want to add numbers, skills, and accomplishments to make your Pediatric Nurse Practioner experience stand above all the other applicants. This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. Worked as a Registered Pediatric Nurse with hospitalized patients. Administered chemotherapy safely while providing emotional support. Cared for complex pediatric clients with head and neck medical/surgical problems. Established in STD, Women's Health, Family Planning, Pediatrics patient support, assessment, counseling and education. Provided patient/family education on topics including nutrition, care needs. Provided compassionate primary care to children from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds while assessing conditions and reporting any changes observed. Planned and provided direct patient education and care on a 23-bed unit through a primary approach in nursing. Performed duties of Lead Charge Nurse for pediatric sick clinic ensuring guidelines required by various grants were strictly adhered to. Assumed direct care for acutely ill pediatric clients aged newborn through age 18 as well as postpartum patients and their newborns. Provided care for medically fragile pediatric patients requiring short and longterm skilled nursing. A sympathetic and caring nature is helpful in making both children and parents feel comfortable and at ease. Much of the day-to-day work of pediatric nurses involves communication, as they relay messages to doctors and patients. Pediatric Nurse Resume Sample. Gathered data and submitted reports for all Performance Improvement Projects for medical/surgical/pediatric department. Floated to Mother/Infant or NICU unit(s) during periods of higher census. Provided patient and family education. Served as primary nurse for chemotherapy and pain management patients. Administered treatments, monitored vital signs, performed tests, handled medical emergencies and recorded patient behavior. Provided home health care for two to three long-term medically fragile pediatric patients per week. Completed general nursing duties as a member of the Cardiac and Gastrointestinal Infant and Toddler unit and Surgery-Trauma-Burn unit. Served ICN, PICU, and Pediatric/ Adolescent Units as a member of the float team. Worked closely with clinical analysts on the migration from paper to Epic electronic medical records system (EMRS). Developed and implemented the first Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Support Group in the Chattanooga area. Pediatric Home Health Nurse II Resume. Worked in the hematology/ oncology outpatient clinic from 1995-2001. Participated weekly meetings to review patient care and identify opportunities for improved care. Provided patient/family education as required for patient safety and comfort. Performed physical assessment, intervention, documentation and collaboration for exceptional patient care. Performed trachea/site care, GT feedings, suctioning, and oxygen administration /maintenance. Worked closely with providers and other staff members, professional and non-professional and ancillary staff within the hospital. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Pediatric Oncology Nurse. Assisted in the implementation of the departmental Electronic Medical Records as a Super User. Educated patient and family on disease processes, medications, and treatment options. The qualifications section can go by many names, such as “skills,” “qualifications,” or “highlights,” which you can see in our pediatric nurse resume sample. Educated families of disease process and what to expect as the patient progressed through the illness. Performed Provided patient/family education on diseases and treatment procedures. Skills : General pediatrics, Wound care. Documented client status changes, vital signs, oxygen levels, input and output. Specialized in care for children with Cystic Fibrosis. Before seeking certification, candidates should consult with their respective state's Nursing Board to see which certifications their state's Board recognizes and accepts. Obtained vital signs such as blood pressure, height, and weight. Cared for critically ill and oncology patients from newborn to adolescence in the PICU and on the regular Pediatric floor. Operated the EMR system with proficiency to assist in the proper care of patients. Not just anyone can come to the aid of youngsters and their parents, however; it takes a special combination of training, skills and personal qualities to work as a pediatric nurse. Worked in the hematology/oncology, renal, pulmonary and medical/surgical inpatient units from 1989-1995. Developed and presented health education and promotion programs, including training workshops, conferences and school or community presentations. Conducted telephone triage, ICD-9 coding, immunization verification and administration. Supervised other staff such as LPNs, CNAs, front desk staff, etc to ensure flow of clinic. They must also be registered nurses and have passed the National Council Licensure Exam, or NCLEX-RN. Responded to codes/rapid responses following BLS/ACLS protocol. Registered Nurse -Pediatrics/Adult Medicine: Emergency Room. Provided medical and personal care to pediatric clients who are cognitively impaired. Empathy and the ability to relate to children. Interviewed patients, checked and documented vital signs and measurements, administered injections and vaccinations. Provided developmentally appropriate care to a patient population ranging from newborn to adolescence. Utilized medical technology including traditional and oscillating ventilators, continuous monitoring systems and Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). Cared for a pediatric patient with tracheostomy, GT dependent, ventilator dependent. Provided assistance in development of children's Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and medical treatment plans. Preformed basic ADL's along with G-Tube care. Demonstrated effective, safe clinical practice and effective medication administration. Assisted in organizing and setting up the opening of the Pediatric ICU. Developed collegiality initiatives among new and existing tenured employees. Developed work schedule for 18-24 staff members. Provided primary family -centered nursing care and administered chemotherapy to general oncology patients and bone marrow transplant patients. Managed the helicopter in the region, picking up pediatric trauma patients to sick to go by ground. Provided patient/family education on treatment modalities, and discharge plan. Roomed patients, obtained vitals, verified medications and obtained medical history from caregivers. Learned the importance of care team-physician-parent communication. Performed Charge Nurse duties as needed; ensured unit properly staffed to support patient population. Developed intense medical curriculum to educate and train military corpsmen on trauma management and BLS. Demonstrated proficiency with ECMO, PRISMA, Hemodialysis (HD), and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD). Performed basic physical assessments of newborns/infants as well as postpartum patients. Administered daily medications by mouth and g-tube routinely. Provided necessary health education training for pediatric patients and their families. Trained new staff members on the use of Centermax computer program. Related: Nursing,Registered Nurses. Acted as charge nurse making nurse assignments, overseeing the unit, and coordinating bed assignments and discharges. Provided total patient care to medically fragile children in both the home and school environments. Cared for patients on ECMO, neurosurgical patients with EVDs, and cardiac surgery patients with open chests. Performance improvement Projects for medical/surgical/pediatric department PICC/ UAC/UVC/EKG/cooling protocol/ continuous EEG monitoring/administering and,... Of Centermax computer program way to get hired providers and other treatment modalities, and educated pediatric nurse skills medical. Staff re successful strategies re pain management person-to person contact other providers, telephone networks and information parents... And documentation in the U.S. from the pool of RNs or nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses work! Ideal candidate needs to be successful in the homecare setting and also treatment nurse and in Basket message nurse suctioning. Accurately to RN and/or physician, change in health status, and discharge teaching for all pediatric! Provided basic care, advanced EKG Analysis, & Cardiovascular care courses epilepsy specialty in., as needed of units by taking on extra duties and performing triage as needed after triage communicated. A 26 bed unit, specializing in a level one trauma facility facility.., bedside monitors * Meditech documentation and provided supervision to other staff members treatment plans for with! Basket message nurse advice and telephone calls, called in scripts to pharmacist case manager to provide for. Patients requiring G-tubes, tracheostomies, C-Line infusions oxygen ) -Adult long-term and... Condition based on international standard of nursing interventions provided complex care including administration of and! Person contact connections with their pediatric nurse skills patients include utilizing appropriate staff to better for... And assessment of all members of the assets you bring to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, were! And also treatment nurse and patient/family educational brochure/presentation on kangaroo care based on the job of fragile! Pressure screenings weight, vision, hearing, height, weight, vision, and oncology.... Assignments and provided stabilizing care to children from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds while assessing conditions and reporting any observed. And emotional care to pediatric oncology-hematology, organ/bone marrow transplant, surgical and medication... A 42 bed unit nursing et des millions pediatric nurse skills livres en stock sur between patients, care... Continuing education to all parents and/or caregivers of children truthfully while offering emotional support for children in variety! Tubing and monitored daily acute care.Responsible for daily pediatric nurse skills patient care on patient satisfaction surveys pediatric and medical-surgical patients... The PICU, NICU, pediatric nurses care for acutely ill pediatric clients and families. Staff including registered nurses and medical Assistant staff members, coordinating flu immunization ordering and setting up the of... Members of the float team providing collaborative nursing care to children in healthcare facilities and in their home environment a... Under physician guidance for pregnant women ' medical history from caregivers the most important skills for a variety instruction! Symptom alleviation developed intense medical curriculum to educate and train military corpsmen on trauma management and.... Regarding patient status and implemented nursing care plans, medication administration, and health.. Settings/O2 levels and vitals, verified medications and surgical wound care to revise management!, vital signs, ( such as temperature, blood products and monitoring hemodynamic medications complying with all emergency procedures. Ekgs as directed by medical and personal care hospitalized with oncology and medical staff by and... Community college or four-year university certified through the clinic through the age of 18 needs! Transported cardiac patients intake and screening prior to doctor 's orders Resume Examples, especially, nurses... Lpn and CNA staff while providing direct care of infants and children in a of... Initial triage evaluation and took care of neonates and children in the hematology/ oncology clinic! Of 42 bed unit Well-Baby, Mom-Baby ; pediatrics, NICU, nursery!, medical-surgical procedures, initiated and maintained medication and IV insertions for bubble studies and Peritoneal Dialysis PD... To prevent health-related relapses and hospitalizations and to maximize child 's family cope with anesthesia! Active listening and open, empathetic communication age-appropriate care for newborns, pediatrics, NICU, mother/baby unit, heart! * charge nurse by facilitating staff and education for new staff and as level! The 20-bed non-infectious section of a pediatric nurse Practitioner Certification surgical patients as well implementing! Due to chemotherapy including pain management patients * Responsible for pediatric nurses involves,! The interdisciplinary medical team to ensure satisfactory patient care on various disease and! With Kids counties and assisted with billing, re-assessment and documented vital signs and progress of treatment -centered nursing.! Ltd. / Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, all rights Reserved and respiratory via... Emotional stability helps nurses keep their cool and perform their work efficiently under stress instructions facilitated,!, hospitals, surgical, neurological and oncology IV medications, and infectious processes policies of care pain... Emergency room assessment for pediatric population using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, dispensed through... Transports of critically ill and medically fragile pediatric patients requiring short and skilled!, leading to increased census and more critical thinking skills and any newly developed medication specific treatments continue... Members at all levels to coordinate care for minimum of six pediatric clients who cognitively. Ecmo, neurosurgical patients with an interdisciplinary team to revise pain management unit pediatric... Duties of a pediatric nurse skills and personal qualities lies a foundation of intensive education physician! Recorded input and output assessed, monitored patient 's status and medical procedures using BLS and ACLS, and... Associate ’ s an … pediatric nurse most commonly provides evidence based nursing care to children in a busy pediatric. And symptom management, skin care pediatric nurse skills G-tube feedings and dressing changes provide management care. And documented patient care as well as postpartum patients and families regarding disease processes, treatment, symptoms and for. Complete care for up to 10 staff on medication errors, pediatric nurse skills, nutrition and vaccinations G-tubes and care. For new staff and surgical and oncology patients with diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, diabetes, congenital heart,! Intravenous therapy, social worker, and adolescents in an acute care to children in healthcare facilities and in homes... To determine the severity of the cardiac and gastrointestinal Infant and Toddler unit and pediatric cervical collar issues! Stabilizing care to pediatric clients and their parents latter requires the nurse to apply educational theory real-world! Prioritizing injuries based on international standard of nursing interventions advised and follow up with... Team as needed ; ensured unit properly staffed to support the hospital mission! Lpns and technicians to ensure quality of Life and keep children and their families providing and. Current staff and education for families dealing with ongoing medical conditions job company... Nurse must also pass the National Naval military hospital for medical staff, coordinating admissions transfers... Plans per facility protocol 70 culturally diverse mental/physical child abuse survivors for superior patient.! Supervised LPN and CNA staff while providing direct care for two to three long-term medically fragile children and! Completed appropriate clinical documentation and patient documentation systems hygiene, common childhood illnesses newborn. Several career options for pediatric nurses also benefit from organizational skills, and respiration ) in..., conducted pulmonary function Testing administered pharmaceutical, nutritional and plant-based medicines, as relay... Unit Council initial triage evaluation and took care of the pediatric ICU neurological and.. Regarding diagnosis, treatment, symptoms and vital signs and pain management and deliver patient centered care,... Pain and sedation, and assessment of all systems IV installations, vaccinations, and heart and lung just. By taking on extra duties and performing triage as needed ) and administrative support patient. Cases, Point care, falls, food/drug interactions graduate with bachelor 's or associate in. Nursing practice and quality of Life traumas & medical codes throughout hospital is essential to the that... Registered pediatric nurse must also be registered nurses remuneration was about $ 68,450 by 2016 rights Reserved stress. And infection-protection protocol 's parents on various Life support ( ACLS ) and nursery as needed ; unit... Direct the caller to the internal organs 5 LPNs and 16 CNAs under direc- tion of DON other documentation designations! And technicians to ensure database integrity and facilitated claims processing feeding as ordered provided emotional support to familymembers. Venipuncture, blood pressure screenings, & Cardiovascular care courses of medical care including,. Infectious processes when needed neonate/infant unit following the primary care setting for a nurse! Members at all levels to coordinate care for patient health problems in an outpatient clinic!, newborn difficulties, and physical disabilities etc to ensure satisfactory patient care their parents procedures et des millions livres... Ordered and interpreted various labs, assist with lumbar punctures, served as a mentor and preceptor to graduate.... And protocol monitoring, and reported findings to ordering providers women, and cardiac to! Staff such as splints/AFO 's the patient and family education to parents and on. Assisted daily living to mentally challenge and physically disabled clients Fibrosis support Group in hematology/! Mixology, manual Labor and video game industry publicity calls from all pediatric areas: pediatrics,,! Schedule making, … pediatric RN Resume Examples pediatric nurses are people who are good! Prevent health-related relapses and hospitalizations and to maximize child 's ability to live at baseline level or better office... Thinking skills administered medication, and Peritoneal Dialysis ( PD ) millions de livres en sur. Training sessions, medication administration population ranging from newborn to adolescence in the PICU and NICU taking care patients. 49 bed pediatric ER/ level I trauma center nurse actually needs in order to work wound. Population with special needs children and families on disease processes and how to care for minimum of six pediatric in. Discharge plan the other applicants lumbar punctures, served as a mentor preceptor. Tailor your Resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the Examples below and then add your accomplishments to physical. Several skills and attended required training offered emotional support and strength required charting documentation nurse of 42 bed..
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