Draw the direction and length of the trunk. Step 3. Step 3. 12. On the left side, draw a line that's similar to a … The rest of the paint in blue. Below are 8 extremely simple steps to draw an elephant. Draw a big ear. Now draw the elephant’s ear with a circle overlapping the first. Elephant Drawing Instructions Step 1. Step 2. Draw another shape just like it under it. How to Draw Elephant.Cartoon drawing such as elephant illustration is very easy to do. You might utilize this technique to draw in the details of your African Elephant’s face, for instance, or the appearance of its wrinkly grey skin. 2. Add a few wrinkles to the ears that spread to the edges. Step 8: Add the eyes, ears and the feet details to complete the Drawing of the Elephant. That is why I wanted to make a lesson that can teach even the most primitive artist "how to draw an elephant for kids", step by step. This step by step tutorial is designed to be for beginners, so this first tutorial will be an easy to draw cartoon baby elephant. The ears need definition in order for them to be nice and believable. Then add the eye in the center of the face. Add two sturdy legs. Next, add the enormous ears behind the face. Close the tusk with another curve for the "cheek". The trunk of an elephant is flexible and ALWAYS used, it's like having two hands morphed into a trunk for them. Learn how to draw an elephant for kids, with my easy step by step tutorial. Draw a second ear just behind the first. Step 10. Student sample art Related Posts. Step 5: Draw the under belly, tail and beginning of the snout. 11 juil. Draw the direction and length of the tail. Step 4. 6. How to Draw an Easy Elephant. Draw a few short, curved lines at the top of the head to form a tuft of hair. How to Draw an Elephant; Previous Post. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved. How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant. For the elephant’s body, draw a large oval to the right of the head and ears. Both types of elephants share a common ancestor that … L'éléphant est l'un des animaux les plus spectaculaires de la jungle en raison de sa taille et de son long tronc qui en fait l'un des plus beaux animaux à dessiner. The shapes are simple, yet still create a pretty realistic looking animal. 6. That is if you will follow our step by step art session on how to draw elephant. A crayon and watercolor resist elephant project. Let me show how to draw this elephant (or almost anything else) much more easily. 13. For each eye, draw a horizontal curved line and enclose an oval above it. You can also see the elephant trunk forming. 3. Print Tutorial. Step 6: Finish the feet of the first 2 legs. Grab yourself a piece of paper (even if it’s just copier paper), a pencil and an eraser. Use curved lines to enclose the triangular shapes. Step 5. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Éléphant, Éléphant africain, Art éléphant. On the elephant’s head, add two curved lines for the trunk. If you want to draw a female elephant, make the tusks smaller. Draw the elephant's tusks. Shade the smaller circle to form the pupil. There is no way that you will have trouble any longer when attempting to draw an elephant. When you are done with this tutorial, all you have to do is color it in, and add it to your animal drawings collection. How to draw an elephant is great for younger artists, especially since it uses very simple straight lines…or at least slightly curved straight lines. It's just a guide. We have the basic skeleton, so now it's time to add some body to it. Draw large elephant ears at each side of the circle. How to Draw an Elephant's Body Step 1. Next Post. Next, move your pencil a ways above the line and draw an elongated S-shape to emulate the elephant's back.. Once you're pleased with it, complete the line by transforming it into a somewhat rectangular shape. Sketch lightly at first so that it's easy to erase if you make a mistake. Elephants are fun. Wipe off all the guidelines from the elephant artwork, trace it with darker lines and move to the last stage of the instruction on how to draw an elephant’s head. Step 5: On the lower, left side of the body, draw a line that is similar to the letter V on its side as a guide for the seal's flipper. We can see only one from this view, and it is drawn from two simple curves meeting at the point. Votre fils passera sûrement un bon moment à dessiner un éléphant. Continue the back line. You just need some paper and a pencil to start. 3. To start, let’s learn "how to draw an easy elephant", step by step. Avec cette méthode de dessin étape par étape, tu … You can see how the ears are about as wide as the front legs at their widest point, and how they make a triangle shape with a curved top edge. – If you want to draw a cute elephant, let’s follow me. Now just because elephants look harmless, they are still very dangerous and should not be approached even at a zoo. 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "Éléphants" de Coco C sur Pinterest. And if you enjoy learning how to draw an elephant, make sure to check out our other brilliant how to draw tutorials. Use curved lines to enclose the half-circle shape of the elephant's eye. Draw circles above the feet, in the place of wrists and ankles. Erase inside the ear, and add eye and details. To finish the drawing, erase extra lines. Draw "cups" under them. How to Draw a Cute Elephant.Today, give me the chance to show you how to draw a cute elephant. They can weigh up to 7 000 kg per elephant. Use a series of curved lines to sketch the irregular shape. In this quick tutorial you'll learn how to draw an Elephant Face in 7 easy steps - great for kids and novice artists. Here’s a quick 28 second video showing you how to draw a very simple Elephant. Below are the individual steps - you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version. C'est un éléphant d'Afrique plutôt qu'un éléphant d'Asie car il a de grandes oreilles. Bon, maintenant il est temps de dessiner cet éléphant. Baby Elephant drawing - step 6. In this simple tutorial, you discover how to draw a cartoon elephant in 8 steps. First draw four small marks to indicate the height and width of the circle, then connect the marks using curved lines. Finally, draw a simple smiling mouth for our elephant. 4. Add an eye. We are at the last stage, and here we will paint the head of the elephant. Notice how the ears curve inward in the center and are not simple fan shapes. Today, I will show you how to draw a lovely elephant. Draw a curved line and a small oval within the eye; shade the pupil. Have you ever wanted to draw a cute cartoon elephant? Then, draw the elephant's mouth and jaw. Once your kids have finished drawing the elephant, challenge them to draw the elephant’s environment. Add a tusk. Take a felt-tip pen a tone darker than the previous one and shade some areas on the body. Step 1: Draw a big circle as a guide for the elephant's body. Drawing one is also easy and fun. Depending on which direction your elephant will be facing either draw an S or a reversed S. Step 2. Fit it on your paper. This giant and gentle creature is famous for its naughty and curious nature. Start with a quick and simple shape that very roughly tells you the size and placement on your paper. This is likewise where you could use an extremely little brush, such as a 000 Round as an example. This tutor The following technique is among my individual favourites for the control it offers you for producing subtle tones. We can assure you that you will be able to make a realistic looking drawing if you will thoroughly follow our set of instructions.Draw the circular shape head of the elephant. How to Draw an Elephant with Color Pencils [Time Lapse] Learn how to draw an elephant using this cool tutorial that has all the basic info you need. Before you start the tutorial, don't forget to pull up your own reference as you follow along. Detail the elephant's face. Next, draw another elephant trademark feature - its tusks. Draw the elephant’s trunk and mouth. Add a cheek. Mar 13, 2016 - Hey folks, just dropping by to submit a tutorial briefly on “how to draw a realistic elephant”, step by step. The elephant's wrinkles and crevices are also important features we can't forget. How to Draw an Elephant. Add a long tusk. How To Draw A Elephant Step 1. How to Draw an Elephant Face. Draw the leg and belly. If so, follow this guide on how to draw an elephant step by step. 01. To do this, use gray or taupe … Cute Baby Elephant Painting. Si vous suivez les étapes suivantes, vous pourrez dessiner un bel éléphant. Then draw two longer, curved horizontal lines in the middle to create the elephant seal's thick torso. Start with a large curve shape. Add a tail. Finish the tail. Then draw a circle containing a smaller circle and a tiny oval. The lines will start at the top of each side of the head and circle around to the trunk just below the head. Elephants are very intelligent, affectionate and have strong family ties. Draw the torso Step 7: Add the 2 remaining legs. Take a black felt-tip pen, we draw part of the eye with it. But the circle doesn't have to be perfect. Please follow along, I won’t keep you long… 1. How to draw an elephant, figured out, but the picture still needs to be painted. 3. This type of mammals lived in the wilds of Southeast Asia, Africa and South Asia respectively. 25 août 2016 - On te propose d'apprendre a dessiner un éléphant. With a gray felt-tip pen, we completely paint the animal. On sait aussi que c'est un adulte et pas un éléphanteau car il a des défenses. Draw two more legs. By adding wrinkles to the trunk, you'll make it seem believable! Having a few rips and tears in the ears, will make them look aged and noble. First, use a ruler to draw a horizontal line near the bottom of your paper. They are basic rectangles that are wider at the top than the bottom. The skin of the elephant is also a tough area to sketch out as well especially when you are trying to draw an elephant in a realistic manner. Draw the other side of the trunk. Step 3. Elephant drawing - step 12. Step 11. Draw two simple oval eyes, with small ovals inside for the pupils. They are what you call gentle giants when it comes to safari animals. Hope you enjoy it! If you want to make a more realistic elephant, copy our almost-circle shape that resembles a big elephant’s ear. This will help you orient the size and proportions of your elephant. This is our first drawing guide, so if you like this type of post please let us know in the comments. Start with a circle and a big oval. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw an elephant in just a few quick steps, but first… Elephants belong to the Elephantidae family of land animals that include the Asian and African elephant and subspecies of them. This simplified version of an elephant will teach you a very easy way you can "draw a simple elephant" with no fuss or strain. You could ask questions to spark their imagination. Erase inside tusk, draw an ear. Elephant drawing - step 13. Pink, cover the removed fingers. 5. Check it out and see what you can learn from it. Draw two front legs on either side of the trunk. Elephants are always fun to draw because they are just so big in size, and their appearance is so massive. African elephants have bigger ears than their Asian cousins. Step 2. Finish up the trunk. Elephants which are considered to be the largest kind of land animals are from the Elephantidae family and Proboscidea order. There’s also a bit of a perspective lesson in that the two legs that are furthest away need to be just a bit shorter than the front ones.
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