What about the following sentences ” Looking forward to receiving your reply”, is it correct or wrong. thanks I want to practice with any my skype: sameh.elnaggar6, Hello Ronnie,I have a problem can you help me to rewrite this sentence correctly using the verb”Have”: Gracias por su esfuerzo e inigualable carisma de explicar el ingles. “They are going to get married” is future! I like to read books. Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! Eni, you can’t use gerund and infinitive together. Hello I’m going to give you a sentence here which contains a gerund and just need you to explain to me how it isn’t correct please. you are an excellent English teacher ! for both we can use, begin, hate, love, like, prefer. I find your lessons extremely useful for my classes!! You must learn them by heart unforrtunately, Thanks Ronnie! Ohhh My God! hi thanks for the lessons can you help me i have problem with grammar tenses i am confused i don’t know when i should use it Especially ( perfect & continuous tenses ), Rebecca has done a lesson on tenses! Thanks, your videos are great! To jog is good exercise. Please to hear from u soon. Thanks for contributing an answer to English Language Learners Stack Exchange! Thanks. This means they are getting married right now! I really enjoyed ! I was talking about just one person, but I did not have idea if that person was a man or a woman…Is correct if I use “them” in this case? Please, tell me if it is wrong… Thanks, I like this lesson so much because I am able to make difference between gerun and infinitive .thanks miss Ronnie, I have to say grammer is very difficult :)). I decide to … Why is this? to + verb base, why bare infinitive is used instead of bare infinitive. Hi Ronnie, Excellent one i always had a hard time with those two. The water can be your friend! There is no any rule. Hi guys, I would like to explain other important things about Gerund and Infinitive. I like swimming, running, and reading. I’ve always wondered for what English-speaking countries such pronounciation is OK. Is ‘swimming’ a verb or a gerund in this case? Only gerunds: Can be the object of a preposition, for example: We are talking about swimming in English class. The best way is to live/visit an English speaking country ! It was very clear for me to understand and apply the correct aplicability to use the Gerund (ing) and the Infinitive. In”I like to swim.” the reader clearly understands that you like doing this activity. to be busy, come, go, sit, complete, escape, get through, go on, worth, to be no good, to be no use, keep, practice, would you mind, loathe, recall I want to know about”Gerunds, Passive Voice”. tly 100% because do you teach in rome? I’m learing English as a foreign language, of course and my teacher said ‘After love, like, enjoy, hate, etc you have to use -ing form and after would like/would love you have to use a infinitive form. so in my language the differenct something like: He likes to write essay or He likes writing essay. I have a question on this tutorial about gerunds and infinitives. etc. My name is Linda. though there are some verbs that must be followed with gerund. pls, explain me the difference between these phrases (me too/ so am I/ same to you) Hello my bessssssssst teacher Ronnie.First of all i hope you’re doing well.Thank you so much for this lesson,it’s quiet interesting ! I am confused about gerund when I use verb+prepositions,verb+adjetives or verbs follow ing without to ”I enjoy cooking.The problems are I need record all the verbs without to and follow ing! Thaks a lot! I found this in my student book. 1-I like swimming For example Be careful! why ….because *Baltar loves dancing* Raghuveer, With all due respect, I think you learn quickly enough and are smart enough to start figuring out things for yourself. So all words mentioned like shop,snowboard,etc. when I come to my today’s question; there are certain verbs which are followed by infinitive with to and gerund as well like the verb”like” which can be he likes swimming and he likes to swim. I love ronni..you are a wonderful teacher. as i know,there is no diffirent meaning between them. English Grammar – 5 Ways to Use Infinitives, English Spelling – When to Double Consonants (“swimming” “stopped” etc. or… I must use gerund in this case and give such answer as: “I like playing baseball”? He admitted taking the money. There’s nothing like swimming on a hot summer day. Hello Ronnie, I’d lke to know what’s the difference between gerund and infinitive when speaking. I love Ronnie !!! Well, I must add something. thank u so much….winner. Good class ! D: let’s go to swimming pool. For example, I look forrward to meeting you soon. thanks and congrats! I don’t understand the difference between TO+VERB and -ING. when I write some lines there have made a mistake. una. Thx for the lesson. It is possible. But how to learn what to choose Gerund or Infinitive with the rest verbs? Join millions of ESL students worldwide who are improving their English every day with engVid. Is the noun ” swimming” considered as gerund? It only takes a minute to sign up. The first “built for the kill” is specific while the second “built for killing” is general. Greetings from Colombia! thank you Ronnie! In this case, are both correct? Is it a strict rule? yoir video lessons are great. They mean the same thing and you can say either. 3) He is finished. I love your videos. In my grammar book there is a rule that after the certain words such as ENJOY DENY, DISLIKE, EXPRESS, FANCY, AVOID, CONSIDER AND SO FORTH, the gerund is used. hi miss Ronnie, why in Quiz number 4 and 5,the correct answered is “Baltar loves dancing and Baltar loves to dance but wrong if “Baltar love dancing and Baltar love to dance”?” i dont understand why behind the word “LOVE” need to+ “S”? I like swimming/I like to swim= you like the activity of swimming! Mam i learned a lot from you. Thank you Ronnie your lessons are always amazing and you are the best!!! - I like swimming / I like to swim. Secondly: Do the two structures (I like swimming and I like to swim) have the same meaning?! My grammar teacher said that like+Ving is for habitual and like+to infinitive for momentary things. This grammar is American AND British. Might is a modal verb, it means the same as may. I think we need a teacher like you…. Thank you so much for these lessons, they are very helpful and you are such an amazing person :), Hello Ronnie. We stopped eating = you finished eating. Find more German words at wordhippo.com! English Heteronyms: Different words that look the same! hello! Thanks. Hi Ronnie.can i ask you to tell me after which verbs we can use gerund. but for infinitive you write i like to snowboard. (to + gerund), Hi Mr. Fakhr. This is really good, thank you Ms Ronnie! I want to go swimming. Comparing to Gerund and infinitive. Best wish. i got a perfect understand.^^. But I like a challenge – I swim … I’m quite confused right now. While he likes to swim always means that he enjoys propelling himself through the water using his own body power, he likes swimming could also be used if he enjoys watching it as a spectator: "The Olympics are on- we could watch swimming or running. Both words frying and flying are adjectives. can say Today I got my class test back and my teacher said, that this sentence would be wrong: “Shall we go out tonight or do you prefer staying at home?”. For swimming I just haven’t had that miracle moment. but with infinitive we use, agree, choose, decide, hope, learn, need, plan and want. Your way of teaching is so good..THANKS:), can you give us a class about indefiniti and definite articles. The verb patterns are dependent upon the first verb. OMG! Thank you so much. I stoped watching the bird (I don’t watch the bird anymore)/ I stoped to watch the bird (I don’t walk anymore – I watch the bird). Perhaps, you can prepare a lesson on exceptions to To+Infinitive rule, that´ll be great! My understing is that “to be” + past participle is only used in passive voice. Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! hello Ronnie Thank you so much! How can you unbox the assignment to the value of a Hash? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service. I found some verbs in my english book that can use gerund form too:- I enjoy watchin’ your videos mrs,thank u for all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh, Your lessons are so funny and interesting , I hope if all the teachers become like you in educational fields . I love dancing. I have a question. Thank you in advance. You are really a great teacher. «There is no preposition of confirm! I hope that you resolve my doubt. If I were an alien from outer space I said “Three thumbs up!” (Don’t misunderstand the third thumb… hmmm):D Thank You, Ronnie! i am from pakistan .i found your lessons clear like crystal.thanks. obie formy są poprawne. is that really wrong? Thanks ronnie you are a very good teacher , but i got some doubs about this lesson , i think it must be some verbs to use ing endin and some verbs to use “to”, http://www.writing.utoronto.ca/advice/english-as-a-second-language/gerunds. Isn't Bill coming over? Syntax shorthand for updating only changed rows in UPSERT. I appreciate your effort, lovely female teacher. I like to swim because it's a physical activity in which anyone can participate any time of the year if there is an indoor pool available or temperatures are mild. thanks a lot. I've written around the subject of swimming without talking much about the doing of it, perhaps because writing is so at odds with what swimming is. - I like to do this "I am swimming." Ps: Sorry for my terrible english, hope you’ll understand :(, Thank you very much for your lesson . In one sentence. Very interesting video! Hi Miss Ronnie, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this lesson ! hi ronnie . hi ronnie, i’m proud of you. ), English Grammar: Past Simple Time Markers, EASY ENGLISH VOCABULARY for Spanish & Portuguese Speakers, Speaking English – How to count syllables. First one is correct. Thanks a lot. !yehey… it really helps me a lot…, heey My sister doest like to eat porridge/or My sister doest like eat poridge. This grammar is American AND British. It concerns pronounciation. it’s just 2 different ways. you wrote in Quiz. Pls write to me this sentencis correct variant. i would like to know, for example i want to go to drive with you or i want to go driving with you! snowboard is a noun . thanks ronnie, you really help me learn in english. How about getting together for lunch one day? She likes running. C. I like to go with friends or when I'm on holiday. Most people call me little Michael Phelps. Watch this English grammar lesson on gerunds and infinitives to find out. For example, the verb “to stop”. I cannot get into the quiz section in any of the lessons. my teacher taught me that when we use “love like hate etc” we always have to use gerund. Hello there Ronnie Should we just learn the verb patterns by heart or is there an easy rule? Thank you so much, Ronnie for an outstanding class again! Have nice day miss Ronnie! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax u, Hello, Ronnie! You are so cool! Hey Ronnie, Are SpaceX Falcon rocket boosters significantly cheaper to operate than traditional expendable boosters? I hope you keep on teaching me a lot about English. The reader does not know whether you like to watch swimming or doing the action, that is to actually swimming. You´re a great teacher…!!! Sometimes when I use translate.google.com example l go to school For is with a number eg…I’ve been waiting for 4 hours/42 seconds/9 years/ 8 days. what’s the meaning of “taking a knife” ? Will you please explain me how it comes LOVES? Goodbye now. It is equivalent to saying "I want to go for a swim." I'm seven. I like your teacthing way . I want to go to swim. did he agree____you? Hi Ronnie, good lesson but I am still confused because once I read two sentences using gerunds and infinitive forms. I couldn’t never understand that !!! To talk about a hobby, should I say “I like swimming” or “I like go swimming”? Hi Ronnie:) Bye.. Hi Ms.Ronnie, Could we add S ending gerund verbs for example lyings meanings …. It is very use ful. I hadn't thought of that. Can I use an infinitive when I want to talk about considering something? Looking forward to more videos=). Your classes are incredible. Thanks a lot! English confuses me sometimes! Ronnie, I like your video lessons very much, it really helps me to improve my English, you’re the best teacher), I like your grammar lessons they’re very shinning and clearing. I have a lot of fun watching your video’s and its really help improving my grammar…. The 9-th example. Thanks a lot!I could get it. SOME OTHERS CAN BE USED WITH BOTH. For example: In sentence A, the first verb is followed by an infinitive. “Merry Christmas”… =]. come to me i will teach within hr. I would like to ask you is it different meaning between gerun and verb infinitive. Like that refers to something far away from you that someone else is doing. I think it’s surplus even if it’s correct. I´m an English teacher from Argentina, South America. Only use “S” with he/she/it!!! Where I can speak with native speaker here? Thanks for watching! By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. i’m still confused on how to use the correct ‘if + would..or something’ that corresponds to the situation. but i am confused with this lesson, you said” that snowboard is anoun” but you wrote i like to snowboard i think we can say : i like to go snowboard, There are several different types of pattern. My English knowledge is poor.i am always trying to improve it. My teacher taught me that if something is your hobby or a general thing that you like and a verb you should use gerund but if it’s more specific you should use infinitive. I’m looking forward to hearing you! how a participle or verb governs a noun or pronoun. You said that it´s impossible to use infinitive and gerund in one sentence. (I’m looking forward to hearing from you). Are they correct or not? E. I am passionate about swimming & competing. I usually go swimming with my best friend and his rather unusual girlfriend. Mam im confuse in Betty loves to ski and betty love to ski,i answered without the s and im mistake because i thought that it is singular,whats the rationale for that mam.Thank you mam :-). like the verb ” to look forward “. Just my opinion, anyway. "He likes swimming" means "He likes the act of going to swim." I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle. how can identify a gerunds or infinitive because there are a group of verbs you can only use as infinitives and others one as gerunds …please help me. is it wrong? Can you, please, explain that? “The nature has started damaging.” and what the differences with? Is it my computer or is it how your website is set up? But teacher what about this sentence : I try to avoid argving? LOVE is a uncountable noun… 3. Just want them to know the differences of each of them. _”Somebody stole Mike’s wallet yesterday”. :P. Hi Ronnie! I prefer watching your Les , than TV . Baltar loves to dancing. Could you please brievely tell me some verbs that can’t accept gerunds,i mean there are some of them go just with gerunds and others with infitinves,and some accept both,is that correct?? Ask your teacher why it is wrong. Thanks Ronnie.I am very like your teach method.It is very attractive. But I still I got confused between LOVES and LOVE in a sentence. can you pls tell me. It was great SEEING you again. He doesn't like going to the sport centre. Gracias por enseñarme como usar el gerundio. :) hehe. hi ronnie, Like I said, when we speak, they mean the same thing! ”Wrap up You´re a fantastic teacher!! You are very energetic and fun :). And you said ‘I like swimming’ and ‘I like to swim’ was correct. I’m grateful. For example, the phrase “I love swimming” have two meanings for me,it’s either the speaker loves to swim or he just likes that sport activity as general,like watching a TV translation of swimming sport. I can only access your quizzes when I’m in Internet Explorer, but when I’m in Mozilla Firefox, nothing comes up when I click on “Quiz”. Today i read in a book, Thanks Ronnie I adore learning on EngVid, and do my best to practise the quizzes. The one where they invited you over to go swimming. hi teacher thank a alot .. i saw your videos and i learned a lot of gremmartical rules …but i dont know how to use these words are chosen, taken etc and enlighten- enlightenment … develop – development also…. This website is Perfect! Some people will tell you that their cat or dog is a boy or a girl, the you can call it a he or she! I hope I’ll also get a good grade for my english test tomorrow. Choose the correct sentence: It started raining. I want to know what difference between I like to swim and I like swimming? i want knowing the meaning of “like that” and the difference between it and “like this” in speaking with examples. I like listening to your vidio , than music . Ronnie could you teach some english jokes? and something else:what do we mean by saying”I’d like to swim”and “i like swimming.” Are they all the same in meaning? January 5, 2019 What are the differences? another one is after prepositions, you need to say gerud or infinitive? Thank you in advance for your explantion, time and cooperation. Hello Ronnie.Thank you for the courses. Why not “I like knowing things in advance”? I like to read books. your describe easy to understand to me. Thank you for teaching me how to use gerund. fore instance: avoid,stop, refuse, deny, admit, etc. I have a sentence: We could to swim five years ago. Thanks in advance. Thank youuuuu!!! Hi Ronnie Go for swimming iscorrect. If you don’t see the verb Be in front of a word with an -ing ending, it’s probably a noun (a gerund). I like to swim / I like swimming. Hi, we add “s” to the main verb when we are talking in third person. I guess you have not answer for my question
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