One of the biggest risks of online learning is the loss of a sense of human connection. A timer can be useful for so many things: teaching kids … Seesaw: The Learning Journal. During this period of social distancing and a significant increase in distance learning offerings, the importance of web accessibility is gaining momentum. Distance learning activities can be in a synchronous (real-time) learning experience where students have some type of scheduled online interaction with a teacher or group, or asynchronous (not in real time) learning experience where students interact with online resources at their own pace. Visit More Learning Essentials at Educational Insights. … Speaking of posture: A laptop stand or riser is key to preventing neck … This versatile tablet stand is great because it allows for horizontal or vertical display, and since it’s adjustable, it can work for an iPad and an iPad Mini. On March 5, Google for Education’s Global Head of Education Impact published a blog post detailing ways for educators to handle distance learning: Read the post: “With school closures, teachers can keep their lessons going remotely”. In the last few months, we've stocked up on all kinds of extra school supplies (like markers, crayons, pencils, glue sticks) to keep our daughters busy. That’s why we’re urging anyone who needs a high-performing device - or knows someone who might - to use our free CloudReady Home Edition to turn any old desktops and laptops you might have at school or at home into Chrome devices, and get them back in use ASAP. And finally, this is a growing list of EdTech companies offering FREE support and/or access to schools affected by COVID19 closures. Learn the best practices in communicating with students, contextualizing and personalizing instruction, and maintaining a professional approach in an online setting. My babies live in a Title I community. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching hybrid, or teaching remotely, this kit has all of the essentials for kindergarten students and parents! Too many of my children lack technology in the home. Help me give my students at home necessities such as books, paper and journals for distance learning! The “Internet Essentials Partnership Program” is designed to help accelerate Internet adoption at a critical time. While any distance learning expert will confirm it’s not something you can just implement overnight, arguably no one has done more to assist schools than Google. As a mother of two young daughters (a toddler nearing the age of two and a four-year-old) I, like many parents, have tried to be proactive and adapt to online learning since the pandemic forced us all inside in March. Distance learning has the strategic advantage of making it easier in some cases for teachers to pinpoint specific academic struggles. With that in mind, there are 12 links throughout this blog post we think can be valuable for educators in this period of uncertainty. Blue light blocking glasse s are a must have. Bonus: The lightweight and portable design is perfect for carrying from one room to another. Standing desks are truly an investment, so if your budget can’t swing it, a sit-to-stand desk converter is the next best thing for your virtual learning setup. Most interactions in the school environment are positive. Trusting relationships between teachers and students are the bedrock of successful learning. Sometimes it's easier to take in information when you're actually writing things on paper, and this all-in-one printer is compact and wireless, and has low-cost ink replacement bottles. Time Timer Original 60-Minute Visual Timer. Let’s kick things off with 4 essentials for successful distance learning. As more schools transition to at-home and distance learning during the COVID-19 crisis, there are hundreds of new people and places joining the digital learning field for the first time, looking for engaging and responsive resources for students and educators. LEARNING IN THE TIME OF COVID-19” that provides a checklist and assessments districts and schools can use to prep for distance learning. Whether you have a first-year preschooler at home or an older child who might be switching to full-time remote schooling, consider adding these distance learning boosters to your back-to-school checklist. 258 Covid Distance Learning Essentials for Remote Kindergarten by Jessica Butler. A timer can be useful for so many things: teaching kids … Education Week’s map of school closures due to COVID-19, announcing on March 3rd that they would provide free access to advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities, “With school closures, teachers can keep their lessons going remotely”, Tips for Enabling Distance Learning Through GSuite & Chrome, Prepare Chromebooks for e-learning days at home, published a blog post about preparing Chromebooks for distance learning, turn school-based Chromebooks into take-home devices, “TELESCHOOL READY?
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