We may use them e.g. The general concepts of the Grant Management Services system also apply to the ERC final reporting process. Download Videos Our lead authors give you a look into each chapter in the new guidelines. function topFunction() { At the end of the final reporting period, each beneficiary will receive a notification to complete: Their contribution to the Scientific Part (this is common for all beneficiaries in the project). Scientific reports are the sole responsibility of the Principal Investigator and are submitted via the Host Institution usually twice during Request Access. Financial Signatories, Legal Signatories, Task Managers and Team Members. We apologize for any inconvenience caused" For projects managed by DG MOVE and DG ENER, the reports are not yet submitted via the IT reporting tools under the Participant Portal. Please refresh if the "processing" takes too long. Please click on the Financial Statement pdf  to consult the data you have submitted to the coordinator. Extraordinary. Step 2: All beneficiaries complete their own Financial Part and their contribution to the Technical and Scientific Part of the Periodic Report. border-left: none; Si esto le ocurre, es recomendable contactar con TIC Portal llamando al: (+34) 954 040 045 - preguntando por Esther Galán. width: 100%; English. To submit click on the button Submit to EU ( at least one financial Part and the technical and scientific part needs to be included for the Submit to EU button to become available). }); ... are planned for parentsportal.scot such as absence reporting and links to parents night booking systems. To find your study, select the service line below to login to your study data website. part is that all beneficiaries contribute to this. Confirm that you would like to lock for review. Configure bbb. čeština. Esta página web utiliza cookies. document.onscroll = function() {scrollFunction()}; The Participant Contact usually performs this action (also users with the roles Project Financial Signatories, Coordinator Contacts, Primary Coordinator Contacts and Task Managers can perform this action). function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} The principle of the technical part is that all beneficiaries contribute to this technical part. ERC focuses on tech solutions and innovation to generate more positive customer experiences. Español. Your Business Performance Live statistics. The purpose of the portal is to provide easy access to relevant information about administrative entry requirements and procedures for operating a power plant based on renewable energy, the legal and regulatory framework for such investments (e.g., tariff regulation) and relevant market information. opens in a new window Facebook-f. Note that also users with the roles Participant Contacts, Coordinator Contacts, Primary Coordinator Contacts, Task Managers and Team Members can open the pdf to see the data, but that they can't unlock the data. after the submission of the Periodic Report, it will include the Use of Resources data for all the Financial Parts that have been submitted in the Periodic Report. In your report we ask you to flag the difficulties encountered, including the absences for medical reasons (or other) of team members and indicate what mitigating measures have been taken, if any. ERC website background-color: none; Then close the current screen and return to the Funding & Tenders Portal. document.body.scroll({ This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. The Coordinator will be notified via the Participant Notification System. Learn about the new guidelines from their expert point of view. Once reviewed, the Scientific Part can be unlocked ("Unlock to draft") for further editing or accepted and included ("Accept & Include") in the Periodic Report (you might have to refresh the page to see the buttons appear). The new, corporate Funding and Tenders Portal replaces the Participant Portal with all its functions. gtag('config', 'UA-137982616-2'); The document is available from the "Financial Parts" screen - it can be reached by clicking on the title of the 'Periodic Reporting' section in the Grant Management Services (GMS). Periodic reporting for ERC-projects Contents ... portal. Find out about the new portal for parents. Find out about the new portal for parents. In the right-upper corner of the process box, a link to the Periodic Reporting will lead you to an overview of the final periodic report consisting of the Technical Part, Financial Part and the Scientific Part. The Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC), operated within ECHO, has been set up to support a coordinated and quicker response to disasters both inside and outside Europe using resources from 34 countries participating in the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.The ERCC replaces and upgrades the functions of the previous Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC). Choose language . Enhanced. AT Everyone Belongs. Click the "Lock for Review" button, which will prevent further editing and generate a pdf document (This might take a few minutes.). mybutton.style.display = "block"; The Participant Contact usually performs this action (also, users with the roles Project Financial Signatories, Coordinator Contacts, Primary Coordinator Contacts and Task Managers can perform this action). The system will then ask you to confirm that the information is valid. The Portal will be replaced by a new platform developed by EASA which will take over the functions of this Portal in the coming months.
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