These are all old French or Latin words. ... challenge the gender relations and roles. Historical backdrop: Some Landmarks in Socio-Economic and Education upliftment of status of Girls and Women; Theories on Gender and Education (Application in Indian context) The Right Approach: The problem of equality- Caste and Education. [3] But understanding the distinction between the two is essential for resolving issues faced by disadvantaged students in the classroom. Constitutional Provisions for Equality of Education: The following Articles of Indian Constitution stress the equality of educational provisions: Article 26 (1): It states that education is a fundamental right. seemyadav seemyadav Patriarchy: The rule by father.The system in which males are given more power over women. Equality originates from aequalis, aequus and aequalitas. Differentiate between equity and equality; To cover Gender and Patriarchy, Gender Bias, Gender Stereotyping, Equity and Equality in relation with Caste, Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Disability and Region. We help people develop and realise their full potential, and build mutually respectful relations, so they can control and improve their quality of life. Equality means end of all such inequalities and discriminations. Equity involves treating each individual according to based on his or her needs. 4.5 Equality While working towards equity and equality can both do good, equity should be an educator’s end goal. S. Joshi, N. Kochhar, and V. Rao, “Are Caste Categories Misleading? Gender and Patriarchy, Gender Bias, Gender Stereotyping, Equity and Equality in relation with Caste, Class, Religion Ethnicity, Disability and Region. Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. The caste system ascribes positions within the social hierarchy based on birth (ascription), thereby perpetuating inter-generational upper, lower and out caste positions. Equality and equitable outcomes are the results. Equality: Definitions: Difference Between Equity and Equality Definition. The difference is not very large but is based upon the fact that not everyone has been created equally by the almighty and has requirements different from others. Historical backdrop of Gender The discriminations practiced and inequalities maintained in the name of caste, colour, creed, religion, sex, place of birth and the like are all unnatural man- made inequalities. Define term patriarchy explain equity and equality in relation with caste, class, religion and ethnicity. No person should be denied admission to educational institutions on the grounds of caste, colour, creed, religion or any one of them. Concept. Equality does not entail complete equality. 2. Add your answer and earn points. Through integral human development and empowerment, we will promote active, powerful local communities with members playing a significant role in civil society. 1 See answer rathouraman7231 is waiting for your help. Equity is a means. Equity and equality, the difference between equity and equality is quite clear, but those who are not aware of the nuances of English language often confuse between these two words. When it comes to equity vs equality in education, the terms are often used interchangeably. Student Interactive Sessions; Power Point Presentation; Brain Storming Session; 6 Hrs. Equality is the state or quality of being equal. by Snehadhara Foundation | Nov 29, 2017. Equality: Social, political and economic; relationship between equality and freedom; Affirmative action Equality: The belief of equality is a major assumption of a self-governing society. The equity approach extols women’s rights
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